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Commonsense.Run - The Portal Site for Commonsense Reasoning Research

An online compendium of commonsense reasoning research, initiated by Bill Yuchen Lin (PhD candidate at USC).

Faculty Advisors: Xiang Ren (Assistant Professor at USC), …

Main contributors: Bill Yuchen Lin, Yang Qiao, Filip Ilievski, Pei Zhou, Jun Yan, Peifeng Wang, …, and you!

What is this site for?

This portal site is here to provide easy access to a comprehensive collection of resources, datasets, publications that are related to commonsense reasoning.

Machine Common Sense

Table of contents

Introduction to Commonsense Reasoning

Knowledge Resources for Common Sense

Benchmark Datasets for Commonsense Reasoning

Methods to Commonsense Reasoning

Analysis about Commonsense Reasoning

Additional materials

How can I contribute?

This site needs your help to grow! Join us on Github to improve this portal site as editors. We also have a Slack workspace to collect suggestions for this site and to connect people working on commonsense reasoning. Feel free to just drop in and say hi! :)

Github Slack

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Page last modified: Apr 24 2021.

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