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Editors: Bill Yuchen Lin, Jun Yan, Yang Qiao

Table of contents

Surveys & Position Papers

Tutorials and Talks

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Commonsense Reasoning for Natural Language Processing
(ACL-20 Tutorial)
Project Page, Blog Post Maarten Sap (UW/AI2), Vered Shwartz (UW/AI2), Antoine Bosselut (UW/AI2), Yejin Choi (UW/AI2), Dan Roth (UPenn) ACL 2020
Common Sense Knowledge Graphs
(ISWC-20 Tutorial)
Project Page Filip Ilievski (USC/ISI), Pedro Szekely (USC/ISI), Mayank Kejriwal (USC/ISI) ISWC 2020
MH2: Commonsense Knowledge Acquisition and Representation
(AAAI-21 Tutorial)
Project Page Filip Ilievski (USC/ISI), Antoine Bosselut (Stanford/EPFL), Simon Razniewski (Max Planck Institute for Informatics), Mayank Kejriwal (USC/ISI) AAAI 2021
Information to Wisdom: Commonsense Knowledge Extraction and Compilation
(WSDM-21 Tutorial)
Project Page Simon Razniewski, Niket Tandon, Aparna S. Varde WSDM 2021



  • COIN: COmmonsense INference in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP-IJCNLP 2019)
    • @EMNLP-IJCNLP 2019:
    • Organizers:
      • Peter Clark, Allen Institute for AI
      • Simon Ostermann, Saarland University
      • Michael Roth, Saarland University / University of Stuttgart
      • Sheng Zhang, Johns Hopkins University
  • CSKGs: Workshop on Common Sense Knowledge Graphs (AAAI 2021)
    • @AAAI 2021:
    • Organizers:
      • Filip Ilievski (USC/ISI)
      • Alessandro Oltramari (Bosch Research and Technology Center)
      • Deborah McGuinness (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
      • Pedro Szekely (USC/ISI)


  • CIS 700 - Commonsense Reasoning
  • CIS 700 - Reasoning for Natural Language Understanding


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